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Seo company dubai When we talk about SEO or search engines the its only the google search engine comes first in mind, and the most common question a website owner thinks or askes is! how long it takes for a website to rank high on google. SEO with a website is a must do job or else a website does nothing without being somewhere on the targeted page with a specific keyword, if this does not happen a website is just a portfolio which can be presented in meetings only for introducing company, business or a person’s introduction.

But market like dubai is not an easy game to win in, in rough idea if you compare the population of dubai with some other countries you will come to know that uae whole is less populated than a city of some other countries but business are more digital in dubai therefore for a professional claiming to be all in one is not enough thus by planning this it is very important to hire the right seo company Dubai

This is why now a days web and seo are claimed those services which can be provided by one professional and web designers are into developing seo skills, majority of business plan to be on google before they actually get a website fully functional and live, and by almost every alternative professional these services are provided together in the web development and digital marketing industry.

Time period and of ranking and Its variation based on different reason by SEO company dubai

Even though its not in someone’s control but seeing results with SEO usually observed that it takes from 6 months up to one full year (even for experienced SEOs). But it can also take less or longer than this as competition matters And because it depends on very many factors. Of course, it can also take less. There are many high quality websites there that are poorly optimized for search.

Companies use different tools to analyses a site seo company dubai will of course look at it It depends,” because there are just too many variables to consider: website strength, competition, budget, skills, etc. But here at Ahrefs, we decided to sift through the petabytes of historical ranking data that we have and give you a slightly more quantifiable answer, something more concrete than simply, “It depends.”

History of how it used to be done around 20 yeas ago

Back in the early 2000s, ranking on Google was pretty easy. You just added your main keywords to the title, URL and content body and boom – you got to the top 10 in the search results within a few weeks or even days. Not for major competitive terms, perhaps, but definitely for the less competitive ones. The competition was less intense and the search engine algorithms only relied on keywords and links on a 50-50 basis to rank a webpage.

This means that if you added lots of relevant keywords to your webpage and built some links, then you had a 100% chance of ranking in Google pretty quickly.

Link farms, keyword stuffing and footer links all worked and SEO was pretty much easy in those days. Even three or four years ago it was much easier – you just built links from high PR pages and your site shot up to the top. But this “magic” does not work any longer.

Prior to two and a half years ago, you could start seeing results in six months. You still can to some extent, but nowadays it really does take a year plus – unless you have brand queries in which a lot of people are typing in your domain name and you have a high click-through rate and amazing user metrics.

Today, Google updates its algorithm frequently: In 2018, it made 3,234 changes – which is an average of 8.9 per day. With each improvement, the algorithm has become more sophisticated, which means that it is much more difficult to rank on Google no matter if you have an old domain or new.

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