Eye Cream Is An Anti-aging Skin-care Staple. But How Well Does It Work?

Eye Cream Is An Anti-aging Skin-care Staple. But How Well Does It Work?

As The Washington Post’s resident beauty nerd, I spent several weeks following the eye cream conversation on Reddit and identifying the biggest underlying questions users had about their effectiveness. Then I tapped two experts — Los Angeles-based aesthetician Nayamka Roberts-Smith and dermatologist Noëlle Sherber — to help fact-check the skin-care advice shared among users.

Their short answer is that eye creams can help, but the level of success can hinge on less obvious factors such as a person’s facial anatomy or genetics.Through six key tips, the women explained how your skin type, diet choices and the use of preventive ingredients such as sunscreen are central to the eye cream debate.

Do shoppers need to spend extra money on an eye cream if they already use a facial moisturizer?

Generally, the eye is a problem area because the skin is delicate and thin. It’s prone to dryness and wrinkles because the area doesn’t produce much sebum, the skin’s natural oil. Roberts-Smith said exclusively using a facial moisturizer is only useful if dryness or dehydration are the only concern. But in some cases, applying a moisturizer on the eye’s skin can make things worse. A heavy moisturizer may clog the pores under the eyes and cause tiny pimples or bumps called milia.


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