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Use painter’s tape to clean up the aftermath

All those shadow flakes hanging out under your eye? Dab painter’s tape on your skin to gently lift them off. The tape is just strong

Prime your eyelids with white liner

Want to make the most of your eye look? Cover your eyelid in white liner before you apply the shadow. The white base will allow

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feminine Founders have used Their #Girlboss status As a manufacturer architect. at the back of

new york, u.s. — it s beginning to develop into a well-recognized memoir: a undertaking-backed

Chicago art heist: dressmaker Duro Olowu raids city’s walls to actualize animated ‘Seeing Chicago’ at

So abounding paintings exhibitions are exact, exacting, blended like a animating cocktail and supposed to

certainly one of Kate Middleton’s universal designers launches John Lewis home collection – see suitable

while one of the duchess of Cambridge s ordinary style labels ceased trading in ,

Meghan Markle Wore All female Designers for international girls’s Day

From Harper s bazaar On Friday, duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle visited an east London

style week Attendee Speaks Out afterwards Coronavirus prognosis

Dave Benett photos for style For aid One trend week attendee is speak me out

accommodated the fiery Feminist Who melted Our Hearts right through Paris vogue anniversary

one of the crucial hopeful moments throughout Paris fashion week befell at the Xuly.Bët demonstrate